Your generosity helps North York Seniors Centre provide programs and services that promote the physical, emotional and social well-being of seniors in our diverse community.


There are many ways to give…

For many seniors in our
community, finding a
reason to smile can be


The painful truth about growing old for 1.4 million elderly Canadians, or about a quarter of the entire senior population, is not a tale of happily ever after (Statistics Canada, 2016). Thirty percent of them felt lonely on a regular basis, and those over 80 were lonely 80% of the time.

North York Seniors Centre deliver programs and services to:

  • help seniors stay active and socially connected
  • empower them to make choices to go where they want to go, live safely and independently, and
  • assure them that we are just a phone call away when they need someone to talk to.

Help seniors live the life they want. The way we want our future to be.

Please donate now and send a smiley note to a senior in our community using the

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