Here is what some of our clients and members are saying about our services and programs…

I’ve been a member here for two years. I love coming here. It makes my day. The staff and volunteers come together so well to make this a wonderful experience. They are wonderful friendly folks.

– Jean Duck, Active Living Centre Member

North York Senior is a most enjoyable place to be involved with. The staff members are most pleasant and easy to get along with.

– Eugene Opler, Client

All the staff and volunteers of the NYSC Day Away Club are very friendly. The food is excellent too. Thank you and congratulations!

– Gertrude Ho , Member/Client, A Day Away Club

My favourite thing is how everyone, staff, volunteers, members and non-members are always smiling, saying good morning/afternoon or asking how my day is. Little things like that at the centre make my day 1000x better

-Vinita Shah, Former Staff Member

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